Friday, September 11, 2009

Refiners Fire

During life's journey of ups and downs it' can be difficult to appreciate the challenges, especially when we are so "in it." However, if we take the time to appreciate the challenge and step back we then have the opportunity to feeling the blessing of the challenge and the growth opportunity that it offers us. It's similar to the idea of the refiners fire. In order to purify metal, the procees requires the metal to be passed through extreme heat in order to remove it's imparities. Once the process is completed the end result of a stonger and purified metal is achieved. The difficulty is looking at the outcome while in the fire and being in appreciation for the muck life. There is a line in the movie Steel Magnolies that says, "what doesn't kill you, can only make you stronger."

In the discovery weekend of Ike Pono Vision Quest the opportunity to recognize the pattern's or our thought process that we find ourselves in on this journey of life are availalble. These tools are presented so that when we do find ourselves in the refiners fire we have the ability to step back and make different choices thus effecting our results.

What lessons have you learned during the process of the refiners fire?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Just 2%

We just completed another successful weekend here on Maui. I am so appreciative of the level of connection within the participants in only 2 1/2 days. A common thread in the past two classes that seems to be developing is the idea of change. When I think of change, my mind automatically sees the end result which can be so big that it becomes daunting to even start the task. For example, if I decide to lose weight or start a health program, I become daunted with the idea of hours in the gym, losing 20 pounds, not being able to eat ALL the types of food that I want. As a result I get so wrapped up in the enormity of the situation that I give up before I've even started.

What I have learned is the idea of 2%. If I can make a shift of just 2% and be in the that 2% more things will shift. For example, I say I want more peace as I experience life. I then make a conscious effort to stay in that "peace" of mind frame 2% more my life can and will make a difference for me.

Just 2%!!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Choice..the ball is always in my court

While experiencing life and what it has to offer the beauty of it all is that I always have the choice. In the highest of life and the pitfalls along the way I get to choose. As I begin my journey of bringing Ike Pono Vision Quest to Hawaii I am always reminded of my choices. Yes life is difficult, there are many challenges along the way, and if I chose to live my life to the fullest there are also many rewards. As I continue along this path I chose to also find the joy during the struggles, and I know with certainty joy is always there. How do I know this? It is because I have a choice as to my own outlook on the events and expereinces that come to me. So today and every day I choose to live to the best of my ablity "awake" and not in an unconscious state of routines but really experiencing the "wholeness" of life. What choices are you making for yourself today?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The word "Aloha" conjures a variety of meanings, depending on who you ask. Aloha...hello, good bye, thank you, a feeling of care, Hawaii. For Ike Pono Vision Quest the word Aloha is a concept of love and respect to self and to others. It is human nature for many of us to give to others first and self second. This is neither good, bad, right or wrong. And yet if we want balance then there must be balance in giving to ourselves as well as to others.

The common thread that is purposely displayed in the seminars, workshops and speaking engagements of Ike Pono Vision Quest is and respect. It is this concept that sets Ike Pono Vision Quest apart from so many personal growth companies. Participants of the seminar have noted that through the love and respect that was examplified a difference was made in their experience of the themselves and other attendees.

Other seminars operate from a place of taking responsibility to then make change. Again, neither good or bad, right or wrong. Bruce Conching has found that through the context of love and respect people discover the key to self empowerment, self confidence, self esteem and as a result they then take the responsibility to make the changes that they desire.

For an opportunity to experience this for youself, visit us on line, or call 808-280-7468 for more information.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Next Opportunity: August 28 - 30th

This Friday August 28th is our next class on Maui and the process and excitement of this opportunity continues to amaze me. As I reflect on the feedback gain from the participants of the last class and see new people signing up for the August 28th class, I can't help but share in the enthusiasm that keeps building up inside of me. I get the opportunity to witness people make discoveries about themselves and then makes a shift and change for them personally and within their relationships. How amazing is that!!!! I feel such gratitude as to how Ike Pono Vision Quest came to Maui, from attending weekend classes in Seattle and the ripple effect that has transferred across the ocean, literally I feel so privileged and grateful.

If you want more information call me at 280-7468 or Sue at 214-7597 or online.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bringing Ike Pono Vision Quest to Maui

August 14 - 16 was the premier and first class on Maui. Facilitated by Bruce Conching, the momentum and the value gained and shared by the participants of the first class has become a validation of the limitless possibilities of Ike Pono Vision Quest Hawaii. In my follow up conversations with the participants I have gained a deeper appreciation as to what the participants have gained from just one weekend. I am excited about the future of Ike Pono Vision Hawaii.