Monday, August 24, 2009

Next Opportunity: August 28 - 30th

This Friday August 28th is our next class on Maui and the process and excitement of this opportunity continues to amaze me. As I reflect on the feedback gain from the participants of the last class and see new people signing up for the August 28th class, I can't help but share in the enthusiasm that keeps building up inside of me. I get the opportunity to witness people make discoveries about themselves and then makes a shift and change for them personally and within their relationships. How amazing is that!!!! I feel such gratitude as to how Ike Pono Vision Quest came to Maui, from attending weekend classes in Seattle and the ripple effect that has transferred across the ocean, literally I feel so privileged and grateful.

If you want more information call me at 280-7468 or Sue at 214-7597 or online.

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