Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The word "Aloha" conjures a variety of meanings, depending on who you ask. Aloha...hello, good bye, thank you, a feeling of care, Hawaii. For Ike Pono Vision Quest the word Aloha is a concept of love and respect to self and to others. It is human nature for many of us to give to others first and self second. This is neither good, bad, right or wrong. And yet if we want balance then there must be balance in giving to ourselves as well as to others.

The common thread that is purposely displayed in the seminars, workshops and speaking engagements of Ike Pono Vision Quest is Aloha...love and respect. It is this concept that sets Ike Pono Vision Quest apart from so many personal growth companies. Participants of the seminar have noted that through the love and respect that was examplified a difference was made in their experience of the themselves and other attendees.

Other seminars operate from a place of taking responsibility to then make change. Again, neither good or bad, right or wrong. Bruce Conching has found that through the context of love and respect people discover the key to self empowerment, self confidence, self esteem and as a result they then take the responsibility to make the changes that they desire.

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