Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Just 2%

We just completed another successful weekend here on Maui. I am so appreciative of the level of connection within the participants in only 2 1/2 days. A common thread in the past two classes that seems to be developing is the idea of change. When I think of change, my mind automatically sees the end result which can be so big that it becomes daunting to even start the task. For example, if I decide to lose weight or start a health program, I become daunted with the idea of hours in the gym, losing 20 pounds, not being able to eat ALL the types of food that I want. As a result I get so wrapped up in the enormity of the situation that I give up before I've even started.

What I have learned is the idea of 2%. If I can make a shift of just 2% and be in the that 2% more things will shift. For example, I say I want more peace as I experience life. I then make a conscious effort to stay in that "peace" of mind frame 2% more my life can and will make a difference for me.

Just 2%!!!!

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